Hippo of the Pahakoski Bridge

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Kokemäki, Riste

You can find the Pahankoski Bridge in Riste, Kokemäki. It is approximately at the address Risteentie 432, 32830 Kokemäki, Finland (according to Google Mapsin). You can leave your vehicle either on the left side of the road by driving up the slope, or on the right side where there is the road extension and space for several cars. You'll have about 600 meters from parking place to the letterbox. While you walk from the parking place to the bridge (or at the latest when you have crossed it), read a short story about Harry the Hippo. Please note that you can probably cross the bridge from either sides, but the owner used the rightmost side. Please be careful if/when you cross the railroad! Once upon a time there was a little hippo called Harry the Hippo. Harry was a part of a small circus which traveled across the country - just like the circuses do. Harry was the most famous performer in the circus. Circus visited also the Kokemäki occasionally and every time the circus moved with train to new places, Harry wondered the Kokemäenjoki River which it saw from the Pahakoski Bridge. Years went by, and - to be honest - Harry started to feel exhausted just to think about the circus. In addition, the circus had found a new star, and thus Harry the Hippo started to dream about life outside the circus. It happened that one time the train was forced to stop just after the bridge due to a bridge construction. Harry knew that now was The Time. It jumped smoothly (well, as smoothly as hippo can) down from the train and hid itself to nearby bush. There it giggled happily as the train accelerated and vanished into the horizon. Harry the Hippo was happy as .. well .. hippo. Finally it could enjoy the cool waters of the Kokemäenjoki River. And so it spent several summers. Every time it saw the circus train cross the river, it whirled its tiny ears and giggled happily to itself. In wintertime it always came up with some way to survive - after all, it was a smart for being a hippo (no offense to any hippos out there!). One time (just to get to the point here) it left the cosy waters just to hide a geocache/letterbox. Cosy shore waters were still in its mind when it started to walk toward promising lands for a hide. (NB: Do not read further unless you have crossed the bridge.)

  • It saw a strange, yellow-black object but decided to leave the bridge behind, and move on by following the two irons (from a safe distance).
  • It noticed markings: 6 7 2. What in the world might those be, it wondered and continued its journey.
  • It noted markings little alike, but didn't pay much attention to them. When the -16 turned to -15 it decided to leave the two irons and leaved to the left.
  • It continued its easy walk, and noticed many guardians on its right. It pondered about possible hiding place, but moved on.
  • Finally when the "I" met the "U", it stopped. It looked around and decided to walk to the right. It walked about 35 meters, until it saw about 10 meters from its right a big gray, with two evergreen guardians which were no brothers.
  • Hippo left the letterbox to a hole and leaved the place happily walking to the cosy waters, where it may still whirl its tiny little ears and giggle to the circus train.

Letterbox isn't actually a winter accessible, but it should be found also on snowy times. Also the route description should be usable also on winters. If you want to do it easy, do it when there is no snow. Please remember to close the container properly! And beware the trains!
Please note, that this is same letterbox than the Pahankosken sillan virtahepo!

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This is our very first letterbox-hybrid. :)